How Canadian Drivers Get Amazing Car Discounts

Rose Goldberg Save Money

(1FB) – As of November 8, there are 100,000s of unsold 2019 cars in Canada. And, dealers need them out before year’s end!

Because many sales people take off during Christmas & New Year’s holidays, they work especially hard to get rid of inventory during November & December, regardless of your credit. And because of a special program, now seems to be the best time for a car buyer.

Here’s the secret that dealerships don’t want to tell you—and why getting that perfect vehicle with low monthly payments is FAR CHEAPER than you ever imagined (if you know where to look)!

Before you get suckered into that negotiation game, we want to show you the MASSIVE discounts being hidden in online pricing with vehicle bonuses that are hard to find.

A special program allows Canadians to get a car loan worth up to $40,000. A recent applicant from Alberta received a $26,000 car loan. And, one from British Columbia, got one worth $35,000. This program has a 95% acceptance and you get qualified in as little as 24 hours.

Because of these many offers and programs, now may be one of the best times to purchase a new vehicle and take advantage of current promotions. When searching, make sure you’re looking for timely manufacturer discounts.

Start below and get dealer’s special online-only finance pricing (this avoids the headache of in-person negotiating). Because dealers need to move cars – Canadian drivers are getting loans at incredibly low rates. See what you qualify for, and get approved for a low monthly payment auto loan.

Select your province below to calculate your new car payment on an unsold car: