How to Get the Lowest Airline Fare

Rose Goldberg Save Money

We ran extensive testing to find out how you can get the lowest price on your next airline ticket.

The best way to get a low price airline ticket is by visiting fare comparison sites. These sites include Kayak, Priceline, Google Flights, Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity, Expedia and Trip Advisor. Our results show that prices varied based on the time of day.

Here are some guidelines to make sure you get the lowest fare.

Be Flexible

Fares can drop if you decide to leave just 3 hours earlier or later. Also consider flying from a different airport. Leaving from a nearby airport can save you a lot of money.

Use Price Alerts

Kayak has a great feature called price alerts. You tell Kayak where and when you would like to fly. Kayak emails you daily or weekly alerts when the price has gone down. This allows you to know first when a flight is on sale.

Keep Looking for a Cheaper Flight AFTER you Book

These airlines allow you to cancel for free within 24 hours of booking your flight –  British AirwaysLufthansaVirgin AtlanticIberiaAir FranceKLM. Look for cheaper prices in the 24 hours after you book a flight.

Check-in Early and Save on Baggage Fees

Using only carry-on baggage can save you a lot of money during your flight. Many airlines will charge you less in baggage fees if you check-in as early as possible.

Consider Adding Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will reimburse the costs of your airfare and hotels if you have an unexpected event like illness, death in the family or severe weather. Insurance allows you to not have to fight airlines for reimbursements if a storm delays your flight.

Flying no longer has to be an expensive ordeal. Once you are on the plane, make sure to get up and stretch every few hours. Your wallet and legs will thank you.

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